New Arrivals

BZB Paco. Miniature Mediterranean donkey jack out of our homered Jenny BZB Farms Lillian sired by BZB Rocco. Under Deposit 

BZB Bonnet spotted miniature Mediterranean donkey Jennette out of BZB Farms Sophia sired by BZB Rocco 

BZB Sébastien.  Miniature Mediterranean jack. Out of our homered Jenny BZB Matilda sired by BZB Rocco. *Sold*

BZB Dolly Elizabeth Parton

AMHR pinto filly out of MNG mist Amerhyst and sired by Blue Nugget. * Sold

BZB Madja Look "Loki" ASPC pinto  colt out of MCcalls EJ Cheffon sired by CCummins Tebo Diesel. *under deposit. 

BZB Lark ASPC pinto shetland filly out of MCcalls KL Wren sired by CCummins Tebo Diesel. *For sale*

BZB OCTANE.  ASPC pinto shetland colt out of MCcalls KL Foxy Angel sired by CCummins Tebo Diesel. *For Sale*

BZB Cristal, miniature champagne filly out of our homered mare Denali (Diamonds got four on the floor) sired by HTF Kiss my thistle. *Sold*


BZB Eliza Jane ASPC pinto filly out of MCcalls MJ Janey sired by CCummins tebo diesel

*for sale*

BZB Breezy ASPC filly out of BZB Colors of the wind sired by CCummins Tebo Diesel. *Sold*

Foals from previous seasons:

BZB CORDUROY Mng mist minis Amethyst x Oak Glens Gold Rush *SOLD*

BZB Huckleberry BZB Colors of the Wind x CCummins Tebo Diesel *sold

BZB redline (future herd sire) Mccalls KL Foxy Angel x Mccalls Oh My Gosh. *Sold

BZB Milo Mng Mist Deziner Lace x HTF Kiss my Thistle SOLD

BZB REINS Mccalls MJ Janey x Ccummins Tebo Diesel *sold

Just kidding around

BZB Gabriel out of McCalls Foxy Angel sired by CCummins Tebo Diesel.  

BZB Sparrow out of McCalls KL Wren and sired by Tebo Royal Wedding Day. *SOLD

BZB Cricket out of HH Mystical Gypsy sired by Oak Glens Gold Rush. *Sold

BZB Rusty out of Oak Glens Reba Rose sired by Blue Nugget. *sold

BZB Nova out of Mccalls KL Pocahontas sired by McCalls Oh My Gosh. *SOLD

BZB ELMO out of BZB farms Juliana sired by BZB Farms Rocco

BZB DandyLyon out of Lee Land Mello Yello sired by McCalls Oh My Gosh* Sold

BZB Chenille out of Mccalls EJ Cheffon and sired by CCummins Tebo Diesel. *sold

BZB Farms Matilda

BZB Wild Hearts Can't be Broken (Sonora) *SOLD*

BZB Ella Enchanted *Sold*

BZB Gilligan *Sold*

BZB Calliope * Sold*

BZB Farms Lillian


BZB Ricky Bobby: bay homozygous pinto colt out of Janey and sired by Turbo. *sold, thank you Karson.  

BZB Gidget *Sold, thank you Karson.

BZB Ruby. *sold, thank you Loser family.

"Guisseppi" out of Sophia and sired by Rocco. *SOLD* Thank you Brandon and Jaime!!


Colt out of HH Mystical Gypsy and sired by Oak Glen's Gold Rush. 

"Clementine" out of Lacey, and sired by Spankie. *SOLD* Thank you Brian and Kat!

"Pearl" foaled on the Fourth of July, out of Snowy and sired by Spaknie. *SOLD! Thank you Frank and Jen! *Beautiful perlino cream color with dun factoring. 

Sorrel colt out of Oak Glens Reba Rose and sired by Blue Nugget. *SOLD*

"BZB Romeo" Sold, Thank you Capobianco Family!

BZB IMAGINE THAT. Under deposit, thank you Brian and Kat.

BZB Imagine That. ASPC Pinto filly out of Mccalls Pocahontas sired by Mccalls Oh My Gosh. Sold, thank you Brian and Kat.

BZB BRYTEFYRE. SOLD, Thank you Charles and Suzette.

BZB Brytefyre, Sold thank you Charles and Suzette

BZB GARNET. SOLD and off to her forever home.

BZB Garnet is sold and off to her forever home.


BZB Backyard Swagger, sold thank you Karson.

BZB RARE GEM. SOLD thank you Karson

BZB Rare Gem. Sold, thank you Karson. "Gemma" gets to grow up with her half-brother "Rowdy"

Bentley and Nomad sharing their breakfast

Congratulations "BZB Lollipop Dream" on the birth of her colt "BZB Jellybean" sired by "Blue Nugget".*SOLD thank you John and Carly!

Congratulations Pokey "Mccalls KL Pocahontas" on the delivery of her ASPC pinto filly Windy "BZB Colors of the Wind" sired by "Mccalls Oh My Gosh"

Windy enjoys grazing with her momma

Congratulations Snowy "A Diamond is Forever" on the delivery of her miniature palomino pinto colt, Oliver "Diamonds twentyfour carrots" WCMHR, PtHA, sired by HTF Kiss My Thistle. SOLD* Thank you Cheryl

Oliver at one week old

Congratulations Whiskey Girl "Mng Mist Mini's Amethyst" on the birth of her sorrel AMHR colt, Bentley "BZB Batteries Not Included" sired by "Blue Nugget".


SOLD* Thank you "Misfit Farm" S. Egremont, Mass.

Bentley practicing showmanship with Andy

Better late than never! Gypsy "HH Mystical Gypsy" delivered her AMHA/AMHR golden buckskin colt, Nomad "Gypsy's Black Gold" sired by Oak Glen's Gold Rush". SOLD *Thank you Cheryl. 

"Nomad" trying out his big-boy show halter
Diamond's Designer Inspired AKA Chanel. Foaled april 24, 2013 Sold, thank you Nate
Chanel at 4 months old.
Snowy and Chanel
HTF Almost Famous

2010 sorrel colt. *Sold, thank you Linda

Blue Diamond

Silver dapple filly. Sold, thank you Dawn.

HTF Ordinary Miracle

2010 Palomino stud colt. Now standing to approved mares.

Lucky Four Fantabulous

Sold*thank you Jan.

Barnaby and Family



2012 palomino pinto filly "Diamond's White Gold". Sold, thank you Becki. 

All That Glitters is Gold (with sire Blue Nugget and Dam A Diamond is Forever)

" All that glitters is gold" registered with the National Show Pony Registry

Oscar and Timmy