Straight from the horse's mouth:

*DISCLAIMER: This is a FARM, farms have ANIMALS, sometimes animals make weird NOISES, they SMELL funny and often engage in having "relations" outdoors in PLAIN SIGHT.  If you find this sort of thing offensive, please refrain from visiting the farm. If you see something that you do not understand please ask us about it. we will be happy to answer your questions and steer you in the right direction. Certainly feel free to call to ask questions...but please keep your derogatory remarks and defaming comments to yourself. Always remember...just because you do not agree with something or you do not understand it, does not make it wrong. This farm has been in operation for over a century, and regardless of who moves into the IS going to remain this way.


Furthermore, we just feel compelled to tell you that we are all well aware that our barns need painted, our lawn needs mowed and we do have quite a bit of equipment parked in the barnyard.....these things are all indicative of FARM life and integral to our operation. Tending to our CROPS and caring for our ANIMALS are of the utmost priority.... there just isn't enough time in the day to get to it all. Just because our buildings may be a little bit outdated, does not mean that our livestock is neglected. In fact it is quite the opposite actually; between grooming and feeding, exercising and training horses, bringing up young foals and taking care of manure management there is hardly enough time for us Humans' personal care as it is.  We are continuing to update and improve with renovations as time and finances allow. 

 We thank you for your understanding. 

 -The farmers at BZB Farm and Ponies, Inc.


* A big "Thank You" to all of our friends, family and neighbors who graciously volunteer to help maintain the facilities and keep the farm moving forward. Thank you to all of our clients, without your support, none of this would be possible. Thank you for your patronage!



Safety is obviously of the utmost concern. While we do carry all of the necessary liability insurance, we strive to prevent injuries and accidents. Common sense and good practice keeps our staff and visitors safe.

When visiting the farm, please be advised that any and all persons participating in any equestrian activity are doing so at their own risk. Neither Ponies, Inc. nor B-Z-B Farm can be held responsible for any loss or injury as a result of participating in such activities. Our animals are safely contained and our fences are maintained. If you are where you are supposed to be (ie. safely viewing the horses from outside their fenced enclosure) the likelihood of such injury is minimal. However failure to comply with posted warning signs such as ("No Trespassing" or "Caution Stallion: Entry by Authorized Persons Only") may result in bodily injury. *Absolutely no one should be riding their horses anywhere on the property without authorization from the stable manager, proper safety head wear and only in the designated areas. Our exclusive riding trails are not open to the public for matters pertaining to safety and liability. In short; please be aware of where you are supposed to be on the grounds and please supervise your children at all times. Please ask before feeding treats to any of the horses, (as some are on dietary restrictions) and we do not want anyone to get their fingers bitten accidentally. * Due to the recent ruling by the state of Connecticut in which the courts have incorrectly deemed horses to be "Inherently Vicious" we insist that all visitors and non-essential authorized personnel be escorted around the property when visiting and we ask that individuals please refrain from wandering the farm yard unsupervised. This is not because our horses are dangerous, as they are not vicious by any means, but because it seems that some individuals in our society no longer possess the capability to accept personal responsibility, practice common sense or respect private property. This measure ensures both your safety and our protection.  Thank you for your cooperation. **Due to the recent local outbreaks of Encephalitis and Rhino Virus, please be sure to wash your hands before petting out horses if you have come in to contact with any other equines. While our herd has been vaccinated, you can never be too careful. Thank you kindly.


~The Management