About Us

Amy Burroughs:


With over twenty five years of experience in the equine industry; Amy combines her knowledge of the business with her passion for horses in pursuit of creating the perfect horse in miniature.  Having gained valuable experience while competing at the rated circuit, and perfecting skills and techniques through training at the professional level, Amy possesses the tools and background necessary to create champion horses of quality.  With an extensive background in genetics and a solid sense of horsemanship Amy manages her stable, her breeding program and her herd ethically and professionally.

Andy Burroughs


Owner of BZB Farm LLC; has fully taken over operations at the farm, Andy farms over 200 acres producing hay, straw, grain and silage corn. Andy maintains the facilities of Ponies, Inc. and generously supplies the ponies with hay. Growing up on the farm, Andy has learned and sharpened a variety of skills ranging from operating equipment, custom harvesting and trucking to welding and fabrication, animal husbandry and pretty much everything in between.  Andy is very versatile in his abilities and offers a variety of seasonal services. 

B-Z-B Farm, LLC proudly raises quality Beef and veal, Lamb and pork, duck and goose, chicken and Turkey,  pheasants, rabbit and fresh eggs for sale to the public. All of our products are available at our farm stand located at the farm, 97 Barstow Rd. (In the old milk room). Call or message the farmer's wife for product info/availability and to arrange a visit 860 428 8364. In addition to the stand, Amy sets up at several local farmers markets and participates in many special events throughout the season. Be sure to like our page on Facebook B-Z-B Farm LLC 

The farm stand