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Our mission:


Going above and beyond to breed the perfect horse in miniature!


At Ponies, Inc. responsible and ethical breeding practices are of the utmost priority.


We take pride in maintaining our herd to the highest standards of perfection.


The breeders of Ponies, Inc. strive to produce foals that meet and exceed the expectations of the American Miniature Horse Registry, American Shetland Pony Club and American Miniature Horse Association.


Our horses can boast champion pedigrees, excellent conformation and a proven history of success in both the show ring and the breeding shed.

Our Horses:


Our herd consists of a diversity of mares in many colors and coat patterns, and several exceptional stallions standing to approved outside mares.


Our horses are papered with the ASPC, AMHA, AMHR, WCMHR and PtHA (where eligible).


Our proven stallions are parentage qualified and DNA tested.   


Our exceptional stock originates from some of the most renownd foundation bloodlines.   To inquire about any of our horses' pedigrees, you may search their show name on the "All Breed pedigree query" to research their lineage.


All of our stallions carry ideal traits and possess winning attitudes, making them exceptional choices to sire your next foal.  We offer stallions in a variety of types and compositions, all of which excel at a variety of diciplines from halter showmanship, to driving to hunter obstacle and jumping.

The Farm:


Ponies, Inc. is located in Canterbury, CT at B-Z-B Farm, 

the operation sprawling over 80 acres has been a functional farm for over 100 years.  Formerly a dairy facility, the farm now hosts a menagerie of animals.   B-Z-B farm also produces quality  beef and veal, lamb and pork, rabbit, chicken, duck and goose, pheasant and Turkey as well as hay, straw, grain corn and silage products available for purchase.




Full board is available starting at $350/month. That includes a box stall cleaned and bedded daily, group turnout weather permitting, hay fed 2x day, grain fed 2x day (owner supplied), watering and turning in/out. Barn has hot and cold water, lights, feed and tack storage, a small arena and miles of open fields and trails. 


Breeding Terms:

All outside mares entering the facility must have a clean bill of health from the vet, a current Rabies vaccination certificate and a recent negative Coggins test.  Mares with a foal at their side are welcome into the breeding shed for an additional boarding fee providing the foal also has passed a health check. Non-maiden mares must have proof of a clean culture. Breeding services are offered at live cover only.  The fee for mare care and board during service is not included in the stud fee, and varies depending on her individual feeding and stabling needs.  Transportation of the mare to and from our facility is the responsibility of the mare owner, and is not included in the stud fee. Our stud services come with a conditional live foal guarantee. Ponies, Inc. guarantees a live foal within 24 hours of birth providing the mare received prenatal care, EHV vaccines in the 5th, 7th and 9th months of pregnancy and the foal is either delivered by or examined (within 24 hrs) by a licensed veterinarian.   Mares found to be improperly cared for/handled during pregnancy do not qualify for a LFG. Transporting the mare out of state, selling or transferring ownership during her pregnancy voids this guarantee. Mares  to be considered for eligibility of our stud service must be approved by the breeder.  She reserves the right to deny service for ethical reasons.  Mares will not be considered a candidate for breeding in matters pertaining to health and safety, in cases where the proposed breeding would pose a risk to the mare or stallion.  Furthermore, in an effort to promote responsible breeding, mares with significantly poor conformation and build or with physical deformities will be denied service as these are not the ideal traits to be breeding for.


Our Program:


Our breeding program is very selective when it comes to quality stock,  and genetically diverse.  We own six stallions, (some of which are available to outside mares) in an effort to maximize diversity while optimizing superior quality offspring. We pair horses that compliment each other physically and genetically to ensure that the breeding results in the best possible offspring. The stallions we have selected to support our program originate from some of the most sought after foundation bloodlines and represent the most desirable conformational and personality traits to perpetuate the miniature breed forward while protecting the breed heritage.  Our broodmares are the backbone of our program and we feel that they complement our stud selection nicely. We do not solely rely on "papers" to make our selections either; after all you do not ride the papers. We rely on qualities such as conformation, gait, color and temperament when selecting breeding horses.


In addition to show quality miniature horses and ponies, Ponies, Inc. is also home to several purebred Nigerian Dwarf goats, registered Mediterranean miniature spotted donkeys, India Blue Peafowl, Bronze turkeys, rare breed pheasants, over 100 breeding rabbits,  quail, fancy pigeons, African geese, an extensive egg laying flock of hens, and a plethora of bantam cochins.


  Please Call or email the breeder at 860-428-8364 or email her at to inquire about our boarding and sales services. You may also call to schedule a pick up of hay, straw or silage by calling the farmer at 860-234-4040 or emailing him at The farmstand is open Wed-Sat 11-5 and Sunday 12-4 for purchases of eggs, meats and farm products. We accept cash, credit/debit cards, PayPal, Venmo and SNAP/EBT.



Stud Services


We currently stand four miniature stallions and two American Shetland pony stallions to approved outside mares. Our proven stallions are registered, parentage qualified and DNA tested. Stallion services are provided at live cover only, and we only cover outside mares via in-hand breeding to ensure she settles and to prevent injuries.  A $50 non-refundable booking fee is required to reserve your mare's appointment in the breeding shed. Stallion services are available from March through September and will be scheduled at the discretion of the stud master.  A conditonal 24hr live foal guarantee is honored with each breeding. Signed service certificates will be provided to the owner of the covered mare upon receipt of the full stud fee payment. All stallion reports are filed annually with the appropriate associations and registries.  It is the responsibility of the mare's owner to monitor her cycle and schedule her appointment accordingly if not boarding her at our farm for the entire duration of the breeding season. Maiden mares must receive a breeding soundness exam before being covered. Ponies, Inc. is not responsible for lost pregnancies or foal fatalities if the open mare was not cleared for breeding by a licensed veterinarian or the live foal was not examined within 24 hours after foaling. On- site mare care (with or without a foal at her side) and foaling out services are available.  



We offer quality horses at competitive prices.  All of our foals are imprinted at birth and handled daily to ensure that their training begins properly.  We will not sell a horse to a buyer that is beyond their skill or experience level in order to ensure a perfect match between horse and handler. *DISCLAIMER * Often times, potential buyers over exaggerate their knowledge and skill level, please be honest with us when selecting your new equine companion, we have a host of resources available to help you successfully raise a horse. Beginners are welcome and we are happy to provide lessons to get you started in the right direction. 


Please be advised that our sales horses' prices are subject to change without notice. Written price quotes will include a specified expiration date, as weanling's prices must increase with training.  All prices and fees are subject to CT sales tax. All deposits are non-refundable.  All costs related to pre-purchase exams, x-rays, health certificates and coggins papers are the responsibility of the buyer.  All sale horses will be sold with a bill of sale and all registration certificates will be signed over and surrendered to the buyer once the horse is paid for in full. All fees and memberships required to transfer ownership of the horse are the responsibility of the buyer. We will be happy to assist with filing the necessary paperwork for transfer of ownership, and will provide all available veterinary records accompanying the horse being sold.


Occasionally Ponies, Inc. takes on rescue endeavors and when possible, we place special needs ponies in forever homes under lifetime lease arrangements.  We do not purchase stock to resell, as we are not "horse dealers" and we do not sell horses at auctions either. We screen potential buyers, check references and always ensure our horses are sold to responsible individuals. The breeders and staff of Ponies, Inc. network with other breeders, exhibitors and other small equine enthusiasts on a regular basis.  If we do not have the horse that you are looking for, chances are we may be able to help you find a local breeder who does.  While we primarily sell young show and breeding prospects, occasionally started project horses and seasoned show horses become available.  We also occasionally offer quality horses for sale on consignment for our valued clients and fellow breeders and trainers.


We take pride in what we do and stand behind our sale horses 100%.  All of our horses are up to date on their veterinary, dental and hoof care, and their registration certificates are always kept current.  All of our sale horses always come with a first right of refusal to ensure they do not end up in unsafe situations in the event thatva buyer cannot keep them. Our sales contract always calls for "first right of refusal" to be sure that our horses always have a safe home.  Just as ethical breeding practices ensure high quality offspring, ethical sales practices ensure supreme customer satisfaction.  When you purchase a horse from Ponies, Inc. you will have access to an array of support services to ensure you and your new equine can achieve success. 




We offer full care board from drafts to minis and everyone in between. Full board for 2023 starts at $350 mini/pony board, $650 horse board and $1250 draft /steer board. Full board includes a box stall cleaned and bedded with sawdust daily, hay fed 3x day, (owner supplied) grain fed 2x day, watering, group turnout/in and blanket changes as needed. Our stable has over 20 stalls and 80+ acres of open fields and trails to ride.  We have hot and cold running water, lights, crossties,  a small sand riding arena, tack and feed storage and horse trailer parking. Beginner riding lessons available.  Call the farmer's wife for more information  860 428 8364